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Entrepreneur turned digital marketer, dedicated to elevating brands and impacting audiences.

Years of hands-on marketing experience

Grounded in traditional and digital marketing

Crafting marketing narratives that resonate

Hey there, I’m Yash Vasani, and welcome to Campainsight, where the realms of traditional and digital marketing converge into a vibrant learning space.

As a former entrepreneur, I transitioned from the world of traditional marketing for my own business into the dynamic realm of digital marketing. Guided by practical experiences, I’ve charted marketing strategies that resonate both with businesses and their digital audience, paving the way for this exciting journey.

A keen understanding of businesses amplifies the impact of my marketing strategies. Through meticulous research and a deep understanding of diverse industries, I find joy in formulating strategies that not only align with brand requirements but also genuinely connect with target audiences.

Campainsight is more than a blog; it’s a roadmap for aspiring digital marketers. Amidst a sea of courses, my mission is to bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and digital platforms. We go beyond recorded curriculums, nurturing a mindset that stands at the intersection of proven marketing principles and the latest digital trends.

  • Grasp the essentials of both traditional and digital marketing landscapes.

  • Delve into consumer behavior, user experience, and data-driven personalization techniques.

  • Gain proficiency in SEO basics, effective social media marketing, and content creation for diverse channels.

  • Explore the evolution of advertising formats, innovative approaches, and data-driven decision-making.

This isn’t just a blog; it’s a community. Your thoughts, questions, and collaboration ideas are not only appreciated but essential. Let’s embark on this marketing adventure together.

Drop a line at Campainsights@gmail.com for discussions, collaborations, or a casual chat about marketing.