Calling all the marketers, you are above to enter an interesting realm of digital marketing. I get it that you wanna know how to make it perform right..?

    Before idealizing this blog, I have searched a lot for Digital marketing courses, certifications, programs, YouTube channels, blogs, and whatnot. However, let me clarify the fact that all of them promise you to teach digital marketing, and ultimately only lead to defining the upper layer and then to book your seat now with x amount. Ain’t I right..?

    Well here’s the thing, Travel with me to this amazing series of blogs, unlocking a tactical journey to not only thoroughly understand how digital marketing works, but also give you a visualization of the framework of how to practically become one.

    At campainsight, let me be very clear to every one of my readers. There is hardly any particular Digital marketing course, certification, or any channel that can practically give you job-ready skills as a digital marketer. (Not at least the ones available in free, isn’t it?)

    Well if you are really interested in learning digital marketing – it could be for any cause. Either boost up your business, take it online through website & e-commerce, form a professional career out of it, or maybe develop a sidekick as a freelancer – The thing you need to start right now, is developing a marketing mindset and applying it through the digital platforms available.

    In a very direct manner, for you, it is to thoroughly understand how all the brands out there in the world are utilizing their knowledge of you (their target audience) as their important consumers, and developing such insights that lead them to generate effective campaigns.

  • Campaigns that strike clear messages to your mind after thoroughly knowing your needs.
  • Campaigns that follow you everywhere they can, to highlight their product as a great solution.
  • That further generates insights on your behavioral patterns and tweaks themselves to be more efficient.

    Okay, enough of the hovering over the sky, let’s get down to the road. To effectively bring results from digital marketing, it’s very important for anyone to carve the actual marketing concepts in your brain. Yes, you heard it right.
Let’s go through what all-digital marketing is not about:

  • It’s not about forming a website, a landing page, or a social media account and gaining traffic on them
  • It’s not only forming effective ad copies, collecting a set of keywords, bidding some amount, and yeah your business becomes unstoppable.
  • Its not only about designing various posts and shooting random reels to fill up the social media platforms.
  • It’s not about collaborating with numerous influencers, getting all affiliate marketers on board, and kaboom!
  • Neither is it about stuffing your website with blogs and anyhow bringing it to the first page on Google search

   Oh great, so you must be thinking..then what it is? The internet is filled with Digital marketing gurus guaranteeing super success with these techniques, isn’t it?
    Well, if you ask me, I may term all of the above as only a digital medium of MARKETING.

    Think about where are we going with this thought. One needs to grab the nuances of Traditional marketing, the tactics of which have proven records over the last many decades, and then apply those through digital channels.

    It’s like you want to learn a sport and that’s only possible by starting practising the basics. All the digital platforms available like Websites, Google search on which you can run a variety of Ads, the powerful social media apps are the new age channels for what – Marketing!

    You, my friend, need to undergo a transformation that can make you understand a business so thoroughly that you can confidently reach out to its target audience striking them with your concise message – helping them to realize that this Is the product you want. (Wait isn’t that a kind of very simple definition of Marketing)

    At campainsight, will go through a very interactive knowledge that will enlighten your vision towards traditional marketing along with equally establishing its importance and use cases on the digital platforms. Hence, to let you call yourself a Digital Marketer.

    Read further to dive into how marketing as a practice adapted to the digital revolution.

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