This blog is purely a free discussion over what Digital & Marketing both define combined.

So, You are aware of the overall marketing concepts and the steps to finally reach a clear message about the product to its target audience. Let’s dive into how different digital platforms help in that.

What’s the most common platform, used to spread a message (Which is about my product) to a large audience base with selective targeting? Any guess..?

Well, I would start with social media first. (Though do make a note, not very early this first position was held by the biggest search engine in the world itself: i.e. Google. Will come on it afterward.) For sending the message to my target audience, I need to find touchpoints where I can place, and display my Ads/Message, right? Moreover, because a majority of my target audience is active on social media today, It becomes one of the best platforms to get into direct connect with consumers.

Showing them the message and also quickly getting a response too. They can respond if they have any good, bad, or neutral reviews/Suggestions regarding the product or the Ad.  Also, if the Ad/message about our product reminds them of any friend/relative etc., who might need it or find this information sharable to him/her, our message reaches to wider audience organically.  The Ultimatum would be that they would like to save it for their future reference; coz they think they would consider our product when the need arises.

See, after publishing my message over the platform, and might boost it a little towards my target audience, within a timeframe of 5-10 days, It can generate insights for me in the form of reports. It would depict, how much the audience liked it, what are their views in the comment section, was it valuable to be shared or saved. Based on this further messaging can be highly enhanced. Isn’t it?

Okay, now let’s get onto one of the most important companies in this world – Google. (As a fact, In India we call it Google Baba. In Hindi Language, a Baba is the one who knows all the answers.) It’s correct right, this platform has made the entire globe simply type whatever they need into that tiny box, and Eurekaaaa! In front of you, is a specifically selected list of your solutions.

The Digital platforms are hence so effective because the platform would suggest links/solutions based on exactly what is asked by the audience. Well, from the audience side, it looks so simple, they are getting a list of websites to fulfill their need.

However, from the platform side, a big chunk of processing had to be done for the first 3-4 clicks and then the rest of them.  Under SEM (Search engine marketing or a type of PPC), a bidding and quality score war happened between the solutions providers to get their link placed amongst the top 3. And then for the Organically ranking links, the links which do not pay anything to get placed amongst the top, It’s a very long-term process to get them Search engine optimized. (i.e. SEO)

This is the whole fight for getting my link as a solution provider placed very top of the list displayed by Google to a particular search query by the audience whom I am targeting. (And yes the keywords in the search query that signal my product as its potential solution).

Therefore, the above two formats of digital marketing kind of covers a very big chunk of it.

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