Google and social media emerge as dominant forces, shaping the landscape of modern marketing. However, there are many other activities, which hold their importance. As we dive deeper into social media marketing, at the very start it was about a consistent posting of the brand assets with a message strategy to connect with the audience for different objectives and getting to know their responses. However, this world of social media has developed unique micro-communities in the form of influencers and meme marketing.

Oh yes, many of the influencers you already follow have started roaming in your mind. And some of their last reels or a promotion which you followed and ended up taking some action. See, that’s how effective these social media celebrities are today. And if you observe, you will be following those influencers whose content kind of relates with your current life aspects. Everyone today has a specific set of influencer following that strikes them with their content. As such marketing has always been about reaching a specific set of audiences with the best channels possible, Influencers tend to serve the brands with a unique community that’s built on trust and relevance. A deep dive into this would continue in further blogs.

Next, comes the postings which you can like scroll on continuously, sharing laughs one after the other. Are you a meme lover, well if not a die-hard but still who does not. Audiences tend to remember and share the memes they find funny or relevant within their circles, hence giving them one of the superpowers in todays social media marketing. If you are thinking of Virality, then you must be knowing some of the most viral memes either going on since years now, to the latest ones.

Next, lets hop into your Email Account. There can be a new sale coming up for your favourite clothing brand, or an event that you would really like to go to, any particular software of your help or a course or college you might seek admission to, and whatnot. Hello, here is a fact, though E-mail marketing is being ignored or it does not come into the super limelight. But, from the beginning till now, fighting all the other platforms it still provides one of the top ROI on your efforts. Surprising huh!

And yet, there could be several mix-and-match forms of digital marketing ahead, currently, let’s wrap it around the affiliates. They can be termed as the Salesman of the Internet field. (Just a metaphor.) Why? They know how to execute the tactics of attracting clicks from the audience’s journey. Generating traffic over their websites/blogs/landing pages/Social media posts & Reels and ultimately re-routing the traffic to the brand’s website. Earning on either a click basis or commission through the audience they send to a website.

Isn’t it a loooooot of Digital Marketing? Though it all stays within the dimension of utilising a channel for reaching your audience through different means. right? So the question is how can one become a digital marketer, amongst all the ways we just discussed.

You need not to be doing marketing through every channel. See if any of the particular channels and the methods used in them to execute the marketing purpose interests you more than others. Going further, lets dive into how the marketing concepts apply to all of the above channels and what factors shall be the part of strategizing a great campaign.

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